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Kevin Coleman // Founder and Co-Editor // Email | Twitter

Founder and co-editor of Back Page Football.

Neil Sherwin // Co-Editor and podcast host // Email | Twitter

Writes mostly on Premier League, A-League and MLS with contributions to other sites including TheFootballSack, InBedWithMaradona and Bloomberg’s BSports. Has featured on The Guardian’s Football Weekly.

Charles Pulling // Co-Editor // Twitter

Completist and Flâneur. Co-Editor of Back Page Football. Content for In Bed With Maradona, Sabotage Times and others.

Ollie Kavanagh // Web Designer // Twitter


Ger McCarthy // Twitter

Author of the book entitled ‘Off Centre Circle’. Champions League correspondent for Back Page Football, contributor to the Hold The Back Page football podcast, also a contributor to the Irish Examiner Newspaper, SetantaSports Satellite TV Sports Network, NewsTalk National Radio station, Shoot! Magazine and DangerHere websites.

Paul Little // Twitter

Freelance football columnist. European Football with the Irish Daily Star. Hold the Back Page podcast regular. Family and Renaissance Man. Dublin born, Wicklow resident.

Gerry Farrell // Twitter

Gerry Farrell, Dublin based football enthusiast with an interest in League of Ireland, the Irish National Team, and a bit of everything else. Bohemian in my outlook and footballing alliegiances, presenter of “The Beautiful Game” on Phoenix FM 92.5. Has nearly completed the Panini Euro 88 sticker album.

Willie Gannon // Twitter

Willie Gannon is a football writer from Ireland, and provides his opinions on the modern as well as the more cultural, tactical, historical and hysterical aspects of the game.

Ciaran Kelly // Twitter

Sports writer and author of José Mourinho: The Rise of the Translator, featuring exclusive interviews with key figures not synonymous with the traditional Mourinho narrative and Johan Cruyff: The Total Voetballer, an ebook which peaked in the Top 40 of Amazon’s top 100 Sports Books’ chart. I have also written for Britain best selling football magazine, FourFourTwo and other British publications. I am a fully qualified reporter with an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism and a Masters degree in Sports Journalism from St. Mary’s University, London.

Ben Cullimore // Twitter

Covers Scandinavian football for BPF and is the man behind The Norse Network.

Alex Richards // Twitter

Freelance football writer. Former Publican. Sandwich enthusiast. Better beard than Andrea Pirlo.

James Clark // Twitter

Sports tragic fan of Socceroos, Brisbane Roar, Arsenal, Barcelona, Leicester FC, Roosters, Carlton and the Waratahs. Husband, Dad and part-time marathoner with Intraining Running Club in Brisbane. I love everything football and was a frustrated goalkeeper in my previous life.

Callum Farrell // Twitter

A History graduate from the University of Westminster, where I am the sports editor for the QH newspaper. I’ve been writing for Back Page Football for the past year and am particularly interested in the more obscure and less-frequented areas of world football.

Conor Clancy // Twitter

I’m a huge football fan, enjoy watching games from leagues varying from Argentina to the League Of Ireland. Bray Wanderers season ticket holder since I was four. Passionate supporter of teams from Italy, England and of course, Ireland. If you like my work, follow me on Twitter to discuss all things football.

Trevor Murray // Twitter

Trevor Murray is a twenty-something year old Arts graduate from N.U.I.G with a passion for writing and all things journalism. An ashamed follower of trends and likes the odd tweet. Writing for a variety of sports publications in the hope that one day life brings him lots of money for wielding a pen/keyboard. Keep visiting. Start sharing. Thanks for reading.

Joseph Sexton // Twitter

Freelance European football journalist based in Barcelona. Obsessive follower of all things La Liga, Serie A, and League of Ireland with more than a passing interest in the South American scene. Contributor to (amongst others) The Irish Examiner, STV, Forza Futbol, Cork Evening Echo, Eircom Sports Hub, World Football Daily, Spanish Football Podcast, The Elastico, Radio Cadena SER and Sports Tonight Live. (Cork) City ’til I die.

Usman Ahmad // Twitter

A British freelance-writer based in Pakistan, Usman is a life-long Spurs fan interested in bringing the football of the sub-continent to the attention of a wider audience. He also writes on European football and can be contacted at

Will Cullen // Twitter

Football coach and football fanatic. Liverpool fan and lover of all sports. Well, almost all sports.

Win Soon // Twitter

People usually ask me about my name. Well it just happened to be a rare coincidence that my first name and surname would go together so well. Or rather astute planning from my parents. Jokes aside, I love football and love sharing my opinion of it. I currently reside in Singapore.

James Hunt // Twitter

Sports Journalism student, Sunderland fan, write about German football at, Premier League/Sunderland at, A Love Supreme etc.

Dale O’Donnell // Twitter

Founder of independent Manchester United blog Stretty News. Work has also featured on Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Telegraph.

Ashley Wilkinson // Twitter

I am a massive football fan and a keen writer and so, unsurprisingly, writing about football is quite a passion of mine! I am forever scanning through the back pages looking for a story to write about, and there is no more rewarding experience than seeing your work being read by others. I run my own blog at and can be reached on Twitter.

Robbie Deighan // Twitter

Bio pending

Sam Mills // Twitter

Bio pending

Robert O’Connor // Twitter

Bio pending

Pavan Mano // Twitter

Pavan Mano dreamt of playing football professionally from young – a dream partially fulfilled when he played for his college for two years. Ever since then, he has clung on to the belief that it’s better to be a has-been than a never-was.

James Carew // Twitter

Editor of  Pó, the Irish football blog with a focus on football culture, design, opinion, and humour.

Michael Orr // Twitter

Michael Orr is a Portland-based freelance football writer.

Stephen Fallows // Twitter

Barrow AFC fan, long since joined the ranks of the disenchanted after becoming disillusioned with the Premier League juggernaut, although keeping a keen eye on all things football and like every football fan, has an opinion on whats going on.

James Kilpatrick // Twitter

Josh Bland // Twitter

Child of the Football Manager generation. Football writer for,, and Metro Sport amongst others.

Kevin Christie // Twitter

Reluctant Newcastle United enthusiast currently taking a break from the Emerald Isle in Valencia, Spain.

Matthew Coyle // Twitter

Belfast-based writer, blogger, lawyer. Seeking a change of direction from the stifling office. Blackburn Rovers victim. Football fanatic. It is at once a simple game and a complex one. Maybe that’s why we all care so much about it. Read my other work at,,, and All views are my own and not necessarily those of any other person or body.

Mark Houston // Twitter

24-year-old Journalism graduate who lives in Sydney, Australia. Writing focuses on England, Spain, Germany and Italy. Proud member of the Goalkeepers’ Union.

James Clancy // Twitter

A qualified Irish football journalist and photographer with an interest in all aspects and all of football.  My knowledge is dominated by (but certainly not limited to) Irish and British football issues;  contemporary, nostalgic, current affairs and quirky.  Being a youngster during the 1990 World Cup has also given me a soft spot for Italy and Italian football ever since.

Nick Balchin // Twitter

A young aspiring journalist with an unending interest for all things football related. An avid yet optimistic Liverpool fan who can offer a perspicacious insight on just about anything, but cannot promise that you will like it.

Nathaniel Shaughnessy // Twitter

Football enthusiast and Arsenal fan, also regularly visit The Valley.

Julian Boland

Julian Boland is a passionate Manchester City supporter. He writes about football as it is a great interest of his and enjoys it. He looks to a future in football journalism, writing about anything from analysis, opinions and transfer rumours.

Dylan O’Neill // Twitter

I enjoy watching and playing football and dabbling in statistics, predominantly football, among other things. I began writing about football in December 2010 and have continued to do so throughout my years in school, pitching in articles whenever I can. Websites that I’ve featured on include In Bed With Maradona, World Soccer,, EPL Talk, Bundesliga Talk, Ghost Goal, the (recently deceased) Equaliser, and here on Back Page Football, where I do most of my work.

Mark Godfrey // Twitter

Visit for news, stories and musings on the Beautiful Game. You can also purchase our quarterly fanzine in print or on Kindle

James Cartwright // Twitter

I enjoy writing about the beautiful game.