Football League wants new 100 club, five tier system in England

The Football League is eager to change the set up in England by adding extra teams and one more division from the 2019/20 season.

Currently there are four divisions – the Premier League, the Championship, League One, and League Two – with a total of 92 teams but the Football League is keen for the competitions below the top flight to have 20 clubs as opposed to the current 24.

According to an official release from the Football League, the aim is to reduce the fixture congestion that can hit clubs operating with minimal resources.

The congested fixture list remains one of the game’s biggest concerns with insufficient dates available in each season to sensibly accommodate both League and Cup fixtures without significant clashes.


The League’s proposal seeks to achieve a new, innovative approach to the fixture calendar and will need ‘whole game’ support as this concern is not unique to The Football League and is shared for differing reasons by both the Premier League and FA.

Midweek travel for fans vastly reduced, enhanced recovery time/match preparation, and a statistically greater chance of promotion (and relegation) are also cited as pros to the restructuring.

There are clear benefits for everyone. It is about taking a step back to try to work out what is best for English football.


We hope that the Football League taking this first step is the catalyst for future change.

– Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey, speaking to BBC Sport

There have already been suggestions that some of those extra teams could include Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers from Scotland or B teams from the Premier League clubs but this is not something that would go down well with fans of existing clubs.

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